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Mekong Travel News » Electric Bicycle World Tour returns to Vietnam

Electric Bicycle World Tour returns to Vietnam

Electric Bicycle World Tour returns to Vietnam, Vietnam travel information Guim Valls Teruel originally from Spain plans to travel through 75 countries on his electric bicycle to promote electric vehicles and clean energy.

The eclectic cyclist started the Electric Bicycle World Tour in June 2009 in Beijing in support of a future with less reliance on traditional combustion engines, better energy conservation and waste reduction. The tour is scheduled to end in August 2012 in Vietnam.

Teruel’s electric bicycle, a Wisper 905 se World Tourer, has three 12 volt/20 watt solar panels wired in a series to recharge batteries. After traveling 14,000 kilometers the Electric Bicycle World Tour is back in Vietnam where in September 2009 Teruel, met Nguyen Thuy Anh, a Vietnamese journalist who interviewed him for a program on VTV6. In February, they will get married in Hanoi and she will join him on the tour.

The project has been written about in over fifteen different countries’ newspapers and magazines. Teruel has been interviewed on radio and broadcast on national television in China and Vietnam. The itinerary is planned into two stages: the first stage will depart in Hanoi in February and arrive in London in August, and the second stage will be from London to Hanoi in 2012.

The Electric Bicycle World Tour updated information is on the website and videos are uploaded at (Source: SGT)

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